Welcome to this very eclectic blog on innovation, entrepreneurship, business models and business modelling, systems thinking, design thinking, complexity, agility, and all things start-up.  I hope you will enjoy this meandering stroll across modern business models, business books that may be worth a read, reactions to top innovation/entrepreneurship/start-up/business thinkers, suggestions of tools/apps/models/resources/powertips that may be of value to you and basically whatever I find during my voyage of ongoing discovery that I think is worth a share.  I hope you enjoy reading (or viewing) this stuff as much as I love thinking and writing (and talking) about it! And whether you love it or hate it I would love to hear from you – comments, suggestions, reactions, debates, etc. are all welcome.



Alon Rozen is the Dean and Associate Professor of Innovation and Management at the École des Ponts Business School. But more importantly, Alon is passionate about all things innovation, start-ups, business modelling, business plan development, lean entrepreneurship, evidence-based entrepreneurship, agile, design thinking, customer development, entrepreneurial ecosystem development and the many flavors that the road to successfully launching new ideas can take today.

A few start-ups or equivalent, quite a bit of consulting and teaching, working with companies from small to multinational, the joy of learning new skills, and extensive travel for work and play, makes for an eclectic mix of entrepreneur, consultant, professor, manager, business developer, program designer, speaker, student, and learner in various degrees at any moment.

Entrepreneurial experience started as a teenager and the sale of his first company helped finance the purchase of his first car. He was smitten with the start-up adventure ever since.

Work experience includes over 20-years of consulting to a wide array of businesses, the founding (and sale) of several businesses including a B2B marketing agency and a wine distribution company.

Teaching started in 1997 and now includes an extremely suspicious extensive array of subjects taught, as well as universities and business schools in France and around the world he has taught in. Alon is a sucker for teaching and when anyone asks “would you be interested in teaching…” he inevitably answers yes before the sentence is completed. But that is also what makes teaching so fascinating – you are often led, like a consultant, to immerse yourself completely in a subject in order to effectively share what you yourself have learned with others. And getting to work with very different populations in terms of age, experience, hierarchy, culture, language and geography is a never-ending source of inspiration, challenges and pleasure.

Today, Alon teaches innovation, entrepreneurship, business modelling, business planning, finance, strategic audits, as well as business communications. Alon is very impatient with poor presentations and has taken it on himself to be a vector of change in this area too, working with business executives to improve their innovation, storytelling, visual design and presentation skills.

Alon obtained a B.A. with honors in Economics with a specialization in “Money and Finance” from University of Paris I – La Sorbonne, an MBA from the École des Ponts Business School in Paris, a PhD ABD (thesis on French wine and globalization in its final stages) and is enrolled in an Executive DBA program at the École des Ponts, with research increasingly focusing on the intersection of complexity, systems thinking, business modelling and innovation.